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EaseUS Todo Backup – TOP Free Backup Software for Windows 10

Backing up data is very important if you do not want documents, media files or other files on your computer to be lost at any time if something goes wrong. So, this is the right time to look for a free and well-functioning data backup application, to be well-prepared against any unexpected hard drive failure. If you are using Windows 10, you can immediately refer to our suggestions. Here’s what you need to know about EaseUS Todo Backup, the best free backup software for Windows 10.

What is EaseUS Todo Backup?

Software created by NA within the Software group of products includes EaseUS Todo Backup for the Windows operating system. Version NA is the most recent release of EaseUS Todo Backup (NA update). Due to its dependability and effectiveness, the backup suite has won multiple accolades from different internet evaluations. EaseUS Todo Backup không chỉ là best free backup software for windows 10, nó còn hỗ trợ cho Windows 11, Windows 8 và Windows 7.

With the aid of a user-friendly interface, Easeus Todo Backup is a helpful program that enables users to backup crucial files or the complete system. It is incorporated into Microsoft Windows and created to back up all of its crucial files. EaseUS Todo Backup is committed to protecting operating systems, emails, disks, partitions, documents, images, pictures, and music, among other things, with a focus on effective and stable backups.

Although the software enables customers to schedule and carry out personalized backups whenever they choose. By default, the software runs a differential backup every half-hour in case any changes are found in the system and a full backup every week. The software enables you to encrypt the complete system image for added protection, and it may be compressed at a high level to save disk space.

English, Spanish, French, Dutch, and Italian are just a few of the languages that are supported by this top-rated free backup program for Windows 10.

Features of EaseUS Todo Backup

One of the most feature-rich backup programs for Windows is EaseUS Todo Backup, and after using it for a bit, it’s easy to understand why. This amazing app is free and has features like:

Features of EaseUS Todo Backup
Features of EaseUS Todo Backup
  • Quickly backup and restore a system
  • File and folder backup and restoration that includes network data
  • GPT Disks Can Be Backed Up, Cloned, and Recovered
  • Image splitting and compression
  • CD or DVD backup
  • With efficiency modes, the backup is secure and thorough.
  • Old photographs should be automatically deleted and replaced.
  • Transfer information from one drive to another
  • Smart Backup enables users to backup automatically as soon as certain files are modified.

Even Android devices are capable of being backed up with EaseUS Todo Backup. In order to prevent your data from being accessed by unwanted parties, you may also divide the huge disk image into smaller chunks and set a password.

The Image Storage option is another amazing feature that enables users to erase or combine outdated system images in order to assist conserve disk space.

To move your Windows installation to a different hard drive or SSD, EaseUS Todo Backup’s system disk cloning capability is the best tool by far. Although it’s only available in their premium, paid editions, that functionality is rather typical of backup utilities.

You can make a  Smart Backup using the premium version as well. It entails setting up an intelligent routine that checks on certain files or folders every 30 minutes and generates a fresh backup image if any changes are made during that time frame.

EaseUS is the greatest free backup software for Windows 10 since, in contrast to the majority of others, it provides this crucial feature in the free version.

Why is EaseUS Todo Backup the top free backup software for Windows 10?

The company’s online storage alternative, EaseUS Cloud, which offers 250 GB of free storage that you may utilize, is also offered as a backup place. To connect your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive account, you may also choose to Add a cloud storage provider. The application effectively becomes an online backup service with these features.

While making an EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation recovery CD is easy, you can also modify your computer’s boot record to include a link to the pre-Windows environment. You only need to enable Pre-OS to accomplish this. When you turn on your computer the following time, a menu will ask you whether you want to boot into the Windows or EaseUS Pre-OS environments. This alternative is comparable to and quicker than actually using recovery CDs.

You can select to back up every sector, including utilized and unused space, while backing up a hard drive or partition in order to generate an identical replica of the source. You can restore specific files rather than the entire hard drive when restoring a full disk or partition backup.

In Windows, any backup (including the system backup) can be mounted as a virtual disk. You can go through it like a genuine hard disk to examine and copy data without getting lost. Any effective backup program should include backup security, and EaseUS Todo Backup offers this.

If you have a backup file, all you have to do is double-click the backup file (a PBD file) to open it in EaseUS. You can copy backed-up files out of the folder if you’d like to, but you’ll need to install a program to do this. What you see in Explorer resembles a regular folder a lot of the time.

This top-rated free backup software for Windows 10 allows you to set backups to occur only once, for a specific time of day, or on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Additionally, it permits scheduled backups of system partitions. The program provides a chronology with the precise backup date and time while recovering data, allowing you to quickly decide when to locate the backed up information.

You may browse, search, filter, and export both successful and unsuccessful backup jobs in the Logs area.

How to move Windows to a new hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup

The typical method of replacing a hard drive requires a significant amount of time spent on data transfer and Windows operating system installation on the new hard drive. However, you can easily migrate Windows to a new hard drive using the EaseUS Todo Backup application without having to totally reinstall the operating system. To accomplish this, take the following actions:

How to move Windows to a new hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup
How to move Windows to a new hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup

To prevent issues when transferring Windows to the new hard drive, you should back up your data and check your power.

Step 1: EaseUS Todo Backup installation may be done for free here. This is the first thing you should do. Simply click the next button to let the program swiftly set up on the computer throughout the simple and straightforward installation process.

Step 2: The new hard disk into the machine next (in the case of a laptop, an additional USB to SATA cable is required).

Step 3: EaseUS Todo Backup is launched, and the window that displays prompts you to click “Clone.”

Step 4: You need to choose the appropriate old disk and partition the place where your operating system is installed (often the C: drive) before selecting the next option on the Disk / Partition Clone interface.

Step 5: The location of the new hard drive’s operating system installation is the next step. Simply choose the partition you want to store and click “continue” if your hard drive has been partitioned.

Choose “Edit” if the drive isn’t partitioned. A new partition that perfectly matches the location of the operating system on the previous hard drive will be automatically created by EaseUS Todo Backup. You can now see that the new hard drive has a ton of empty space. To utilize this space, drag the blue line all the way to the end of the capacity slider, confirm by pressing “OK,” and then use the remaining space.

Step 6: The device will notify you, and all you have to do to begin transferring the drive is press “OK.” You should use your computer sparingly while the “Clone” procedure is active in order to prevent any potential issues.

Step 7: You replace the hard disk after the Clone process is finished, and then test to see if the computer boots into Windows normally. If not, you must access the BIOS to change the priority of the boot from the new hard drive.


Millions of home computers use EaseUS Todo Backup as an integrated solution for vital data and strong operating system protection. A free backup program, it backs up system disks, certain files and folders, and full hard drives automatically. By mounting the backup image as a virtual hard drive, the restore feature in EaseUS Todo Backup offers the quickest way to access backed-up files. EaseUS Todo Backup is without a doubt the best free backup software for Windows 10!

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