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Chia sẻ mã nguồn uCloud – File Hosting Script – Securely Manage, Preview & Share Your Files

Chia sẻ mã nguồn uCloud – File Hosting Script – Securely Manage, Preview & Share Your Files. Khi upload hiển thị phần trăm tiến độ, kích thước còn lại, tốc độ tải lên và thời gian còn lại.

Tệp tin được tải lên dưới dạng nền, cho phép các bạn tiếp tục quản lý tài khoản của các bạn trong khi các tệp đang được tải lên,… và còn nhiều tính năng khác

Giới thiệu về uCloud


uCloud cho phép các freelancers, các doanh nghiệp nhỏ (như các cơ quan truyền thông) và webmasters dễ dàng chia sẻ các tập tin trực tuyến. Nó được xây dựng để cực kỳ mạnh mẽ, an toàn và rất nhanh!

Tính năng của uCloud

  • Upload Files:
    • NEW SFTP, FTP, Rackspace and Amazon S3 Storage.
    • Internally shared folders. Share any folder with other registered users and enable them to view, upload and download files.
    • PHP7 support.
    • Multi-file uploader with progress. 5GB+ filesize supported.
    • Images previewed before upload. File icons shown for each file before upload.
    • Percentage progress, size remaining, upload speed and time remaining.
    • Background uploading of files. Continue to manage your account while files are being uploaded.
    • Drag & Drop into the browser to begin uploading.
    • Send via email option once uploaded.
    • Copy folder url to the clipboard link.
    • Built in url shortener.
    • Support for multiple file servers.
    • File details page with the following:
      • Full path to the file.
      • HTML code to directly copy into a website.
      • Forum code to directly copy into a forum.
      • Link to view statistics for the file.
      • Link to remove the file.
      • Links to share with common social media sites; Facebook, Twitter etc.
      • Link to share via email.
  • File Manager:
    • NEW Login with your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ Account (optional setting via admin).
    • NEW User registration page.
    • Built using ajax so the entire file manager is lightning fast!
    • Thumbnails generated for images & pdf files (requires imagemagick)
    • File previews for a huge amount of files:
      • Images – jpg, jpeg, png, gif, wbmp
      • Documents – doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, pdf, pages, ai, tiff, dxf, svg, eps, ps, ttf, otf, xps
      • Videos – mp4, flv (when Flash enabled), ogg
      • Audio – mp3
    • Caching of image thumbnails for fast load times.
    • Right-click menu options on each file & folder to quickly manage the options.
    • Powerful search widget. Quickly shows you files and folders which match your search.
    • Advanced search to find files by upload date and folder.
    • Requires account to upload and manage files. (admin controlled)
    • 2 view options for files:
      • Icon view – showing file thumbnails.
      • List view.
    • Full screen mode.
    • Sort file listing by filename, file size, date uploaded, last access and total downloads.
    • Change the amount of files shown per page.
    • Download an entire folder as a zip file.
    • Duplicate file(s) option.
    • Rename, move & delete file options.
    • NEW Watermarking of images by folder option. Upload a png watermark, set the position and padding. This can then be enabled by folder. Use this to share ‘proof’ copies of images to customers without giving the user full access to the image.
  • File Downloads:
    • Built in support for xSendFile & xAccelRedirect! Big improvements on server performance if enabled.
    • Files are stored securely on your web host. They are renamed without the extension on upload and placed inside a folder which can’t be accessed directly.
    • Downloads are done using a secure access hash which expire after use. The same download link can not be used multiple times.
  • Detailed File Statistics:
    • Daily, weekly, monthly downloads.
    • Referring sites.
    • Visiting countries.
    • Visiting browsers.
    • Visiting operating systems.
  • Sharing:
    • Links to share files & folders via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & more.
    • If a folder is set as private, generate a unique url to enable someone without an account to access it.
    • Send via email option on all folders.
    • NEW Option to hide or show the download button when sharing folders.
    • NEW Option to allow or disable downloading of all files within a shared folder.
  • Security:
    • Account password stored using SHA256 & PBKDF2 key extender.
    • Set file folders and private or public.
    • Set passwords on file folders.
    • IP blacklisting – block IP addresses from using the site.
    • Support for https.
    • Externally tested for XSS and SQL injection attacks.
  • Customisations:
    • Written for PHP5.6+.
    • 100% full source code.
    • Easy installation.
    • Fully customisable.
    • Modern template. (easily customise and create additional ones)
    • Simple, clean, ajax style look and feel.
  • Admin Area:
    • NEW Redesigned admin area using Bootstrap 3.
    • NEW Interactive bulk import tool.
    • Separate dedicated admin area.
    • Dashboard detailing downloads and active files.
    • Search files.
    • Disable files.
    • NEW Support for multiple languages. Automatic language translation via Google Translation API. Note: This may incur additional charges for using their API.
    • Manage users and filter by user files.
    • Manage blocked IPs.
    • Manage site settings.
    • Set and manage file servers.
    • Configure to use specific file server or the one with most space.
    • Set template.
    • Amend account expiry date.
    • Set user account settings:
      • Days to keep inactive files.
      • Maximum upload filesize.
      • and more.
    • Option to set the filename on the download url.
    • Modern Ajax interface.
    • NEW Via the admin area easily set the logo, extra css and site skin.
    • NEW Automatic language translations via Google Translate API. Translate the entire site content to another language by clicking a button. Note: Requires a Google API key. Menually edited translations can be marked as ‘locked’ so they’re not overwritten.
    • NEW Added option in admin to block the same file from being re-uploaded. Optional on file remove and automatic after removal on abuse reports.
    • NEW Added admin “impersonate user” option, so admin users can login as any other user account.
    • NEW Added new admin page for backing up the database and codebase. Functionality also built in preparation for automatic upgrades at a later date.

Cấu hình cần thiết

  • PHP 5.6+
  • Linux OS (standard on most shared hosts)
  • MySQL 5+ with 1 empty database
  • PHP PDO MySQL Extension
  • PHP GD Extension (normally enabled as standard)
  • Apache with Rewrite Module or Nginx
  • A Web Browser that supports HTML5/Javascript (IE9+, FireFox, Safari, Chrome)

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